The Rateau , Ecrins range 2 peaks, 4 routes

Rateau East (3809m), Rateau West ( 3809m), crossing through 4 ridges ,  Ecrins, France

The Rateau is one of the highest peak of Ecrins range, close to The Meije, his approach is facilitated by a cable car.


This crossing use at the maximum it can this cable car in order to optimise the time spend in high mountain. it start in La Grave, ascent the Enfecthores pillar, reach the Promontoire hut, ascent the east ridge of East Rateau, go down the south ridge. We spend another night in La selle hut, climb the Paquet pillar and go down the west ridge of the west Rateau to take the cable car.


This amazing crossing is also by 3 days and 2 nights. This is a mixted ascent, where we climb sometimes on rock pillars, sometimes on glaciers, sometimes on ice and snow ridges.



Day 1 : Start in La Grave and cable car until 2400m. Ascent of Enfecthores pillar ( 2, 3 hOO, easy rock climbing). We cross the Meije Glacier and the Brêche de la Meije ( 3357m, 2h00 more, easy, snow and rock ) to move to the south face and the Promntoire hut ( 3082m).


Day 2 : We cross again the Brêche de la Meije to reach, in the north face the bottom of the east ridge of Rateau East ( 4 to 5 H00, medium difficulties ). The way down is by the beautiful south ridge until the Brêche du Rateau ( 2h00 ), and go to Selle hut ( 2873m).


Day 3 : From La Selle hut, we walk the way back for one hour until La Selle glacier and the bottom of Paquet pillar ( 2h00 from the hut ).


This pillar is beautiful and climbing it is a real pleasure because of his great rock and friendly atmosphere. The difficulties are between easy and medium depending the track we use. We climb down the normal route and the glacier of the Girose to reach the cable car.



On the  east ridge



Way down the south ridge



The Râteau, his edges and his pillars