Ski touring

  • If you consider ski touring as a way to move in the snow, then its history goes back almost 4000 years.

  • If you consider ski touring as a way of getting around in the snowy mountains on your ascent and descent, then its history goes back to the end of the 17th century.

  • If we consider ski touring as a sport that combines pleasure and performance, then its history goes back to the years 1930-1940

So many years that have helped to change this discipline

Ski de randonnée sur l'île de Kvaloya, Norvège
Ski de randonnée sur l’île de Kvaloya, Norvège

Ski touring is free skiing. A free practice of any human constraint, a sport which frees itself from the classic rules, the time and the schedules, the money or a right of access.

It is one of the sports disciplines closest to nature and the environment.

It is practiced on almost all the snow-covered surfaces and in all the mountains of the world.

These last years saw a real explosion of the discipline, helped by a great evolution of equipment, but also the mentalities.

The development and success of endurance sports such as trail running or long distances running supported this boom in ski touring.

But this access to freedom is not only reserved for a hyper-sportive and trained population.

By skilfully choosing his equipment, orientation and morphology of the field, a beginner will take a real pleasure to immerse himself for a few hours in an undeveloped universe.



  • A pair of 90-100 mm wide ski touring skis with a length slightly shorter than your size, equipped with lightweight “low tech” hiking bindings

  • A pair of “skins” adapted to skis, a pair of ski crampons

  • A pair of hiking ski boots with sole “Vibram”, with walking position and ski position

  • A pair of sticks, preferably telescopic, with a large diameter washer

  • A classic backpack or “Air Bag”, 25 to 35 l

  • Protective clothing type “Gore Tex”, fleece and breathable underwear, a “down jacket”: thermal jacket ultra light down or equivalent

  • Gloves, glasses, helmet, water bottle or thermos, cereals, dried fruits, biscuits …


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