ski & snowboard

Le ski, from Hautes Alpes to Scandinavia.



I ski usually in France from the beggening of february to end of march.


My main base camp to practice this side of my mountain guide work is located in a small village of Hautes Alpes : La Grave.


I have chosen this place more than 15 years ago. I lived there for most of the time of each season during those 15 years , and 10 years as a professional.


I know very well those mountains and valleys, as well this unavoidable off pist ski area with is La Grave.


My first runs in Deux Alpes started on 1993, after I discovered her neighbourg Alpe d’huez while my studies in Grenoble, and finally La Grave in 2001,  the last one where I decided to stay.


My Mountain guide activity and my professional relationships gave me the chances to ride exceptional runs in those mountains.


Now I have discovered other ski resorts as Serre Chevalier, Montgenèvre, Pelvoux…other mountains and other places in northern Europe as Finlande and Norway.


I ‘m guiding most of the time 4 to 6 people groups maximum. But of course the number depends of the conditions and what kind of difficulties we want to ski.


Usually my customers contact me and I ‘m in charge of organizing their trip. I recommend some accomodations and propose them some spots and runs to ski.


Most of the time I ‘m helping for transportation with my private car.


La Grave is a strategic place, from there it is easy to reach the most popular ski resorts of Isère or Hautes Alpes. It is as well located next to Col du Lautaret, natural climatic border. We can, in that way, choose between different spots and enjoy advantages of each of them, depending of the conditions.


In  the begening of winter and from and of march to mid of may I spend my time in Finnish Lapland and Norway, around Trosmo, discovering another way to ski.




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