Ski down Mont Blanc, 16th and 17th of June 2018

Mont Blanc skis

After a long  preparation and period of bad weather conditions in French Alps this spring 2018, we finally decide to ski Mont Blanc up and down, through his north face.

This spring is really complicate. Indeed, many problems appears for us, more than a bad weather we have to compose with technicals problems with the cable car of Aiguille du Midi and access to the Grands Mulets hut.

We had decided to climb Mont Blanc from this hut, north ridge of Dome du Gouter and Bosses ridge, and ski down the north face, Petit plateau and Grand plateau.

This way is quite classical and used in spring time.

But for us, the situation is not so simple this year because the cable car is closed. So if we want to use this way and access to the hut, we must start from the bottom of the valley, exactly from the Douane post located near Mont Blanc tunnel.

So we add 1700 meters vertical drop more than normally, carrying boots and skis…

But my customers are really motivated, well prepared, fit and experienced, and we decide to try.

We start our 2 days adventure ski tour the 16th June 2018 at 7h30.

Conditions are good for the period, the snow line is around 2500 m high, and the delicate point of Jonction is not so delicate.

We arrive at the Grand Mulets hut at 15h00, after a 1750m vertical drop ascent. We rest and drink water for the rest of this day.

Sunday the 17th, at 1H30, a very long journey is starting for us. 1750 m more and more than a half above 4000m high. Night start through this glacier is impressive, we cross enormous crevasses, the snow is not so well frozen.

Day appears when we arrive near Dôme du Goûter. This part of the ascent is very long, sometime boring but really esthetic.



Mont Blanc skis

Mont Blanc skis


The second part of our ascent takes place now on Bosses ridge. This way is the normal way used by alpinists ascending Mont Blanc from Gouter hut or Tête Rousse hut.

We touch the summit around 9h30, we have respected the timing we planed together the day before, congratulations.



Mont Blanc skis

Mont Blanc skis


From the summit we put skis on and ski down the north face. First a bit on the right on the higher part. The snow is really difficult, ask to pay attention and our legs are tired. But we must ski fast, here  seracs makes the rules…



Mont Blanc skis

Mont Blanc skis


Down, on Grand and Petit Plateau, we ski on good and easy spring snow.

We pass Junction point, cross Bossons glacier with our rope and finally end on the trail with leads us to our car.

This way to the Mont Blanc, at this part of the year is really beautifull. The ice univers where it goes is spectacular and fantastic but very exposed.

It must be used only by good snow and weather conditions, and skiers must be fit and strong in their mind.


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