Serre Chevalier Area

Serre Chevalier


The Serre Chevalier ski area is 25 km from La Grave. It extends to Briançon

Essentially oriented north, its highest point is the summit of L’Yret (2830 m).

We ski here on a medium mountain terrain, with, in the sub alpine floor, magnificent forests of Mélèzes.


Les mélèzes de Serre Chevalier

Les mélèzes de Serre Chevalier


The most runs I ski here are located in Monetier les Bains ski area


  • From top of Yret, the classical but very nice run of Montagnole
  • Slopes and forest starting from Cibouit
  • Runs of vallon des Corneilles
  • Runs of Tête du Grand Pré



Dans le Vallon des Corneilles

Dans le Vallon des Corneilles


But I like coming here for backcountry skiing


We can ski here major routes such as:


  • Dômes de Mônetier traverse
  • Ski down Combe du Riou


Both routes start from the summit of the Yret chairlift.

The objective is to join Lake Eychauda, ​​then to go up the Séguret Foran glacier.

We then reach the Pic de Dormillouse, starting point common to both descents.



La combe du Riou

La combe du Riou


I also very often practice a more affordable ski in the beautiful valley of Combes and the

Réserve Naturelle Régionale des Partias.

Ideal place to discover ski touring and spend a day in the mountains.

From the top of the Eychauda, ​​accessible by ski lift, offers us a protected off-piste area, where the snow is often well protected from winds and warming.

  • We can ski up and down Fond de Closis,
  • Ski up to Col de la Trancoulette and to Croix d’Aquila





Croix d'Aquila

Croix d’Aquila


The + :

The proximity of La Grave

The larch forest

The exceptional free rando, and the hiker package.


The – :

An area quickly tracked

A mountain exposed to the north wind





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