La Grave area

The area of ​​La Grave consists of two slopes, south and north, on both sides of La Romanche.


On the north side, there is the Téléphérique des Glaciers de La Meije, it’s high mountain off-piste area.


On the south side, the ski resort village of Chazelet located on a milder relief at the bottom foot of the Aiguille du Goléon and the Pic du Mas de La Grave.



La Grave La Meije

La Grave La Meije


I present to you a non exhaustive list of the routes that I run.


North slope, La Grave – Les Deux Alpes.


The cable car brings us to 3200 m altitude, Col des Ruillans. The Dome de la Girose rises to 3550 m and is accessible by ski lift or ski touring.

On either side of the cable car, two main valleys stand out: Vallons de la Meije and Vallons de Chancel.

These two valleys offer the so-called “classic” routes of La Grave, and many ski possibilities.

Outside these two valleys and to the east, several bowls allow to descend from the top of the glacier of the Girose to the Valley:


These are valley Orcière et la Voûte

The valley of Rif de Chirouze

The valley of Rif de Muretouse, Côte Borel, Côte Rouge

The valley of Malaprésure

The valley of the La Sure, Cuculet


In all these valley and itineraries there exist variants or connections, but also of big routes like:


The corridor of Fréaux

The corridor of Polichinel

The corridor of Maison Neuve

The valley of Chateau Borel

… and many others


South slope, Le Chazelet.


The Chazelet ski station and its ski lifts take us to the Plateau d ‘Emparis and to the summit of Plagnes, at 2100 m.

From the peaks of these ski lifts, we can in a few hours of ski touring  join the many peaks and surrounding peaks:


The Signal of La Grave

The Paquier du Roi

The Petit Buffe

The Gros Têt


And from these summits we can make beautiful crossing on the village of Besse, the Hameau de Valfroide, the village of Hières, Terrasses or Villar d’Arêne.


South face of La Grave-Les Deux Alpes.


On the southern slope of the Dome of Lauze, we find several big routes that brings us to the Vallon de la Selle and the Village of Saint Christophe en Oisans.

These routes are mainly by gravity, but there are some wonderful variants for those who want to practice a ski tour


Face sud de la Selle, classique, or Ruisseau du Col de La Lauze

L’Olympique or Valley of the Côte Seche

Rama, or more exactly the south face of the Col de Puy Salié and the Ruisseau de La Jougna

… and many others

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