Peru, september 2009

Trekking in Peru, september and october 2009



In these beginning of autumn 2009, I had the chance to realize a beautiful trekking in Peru, in Cordilliera Vilacanota, south est of Cusco : tour of Ausangate ( 6384 m ).

This trip in Peru was on 3 weeks, the Ausangate tour was the most important part of the trip, made of one a touristic side and one alpine side.

The Ausangate have taken a large part of the trip. After arrive in Cusco, a short acclimatization period and a Machu Picchu visit, we start the trekking .

The higher point of the tour is at 5000 m high, but the good quality of the trails doesn’t make the feeling to be so high, and walking here is pretty easy.

Each day starts in the sun and ends up in the rain or a snow fall. The sky gets clear as soon as the night come, and this clear sky lot of starts makes some of those nights pretty cold.

Here the mountains are really beautiful and we can feel solitude and wilderness for true.

Here too, in the year 2009 already, the retreat of the glaciers is very strong. I talk to this with my Peruvian guide colleague, and result is exactly the same as in Europe. He shows me where were the glaciers twenty years ago, and distances of that retreat are really amazing.

After the trekking, and after visiting Titicaca lake and Ouros Islands, we move to Arequipa and Chachani ( 6057m ). Chachani is the highest Volcan of this south part of Peru.

It is a famous peak and it is not difficult to get some informations about his ascent. The most difficult thing is to walk in that 6000 m altitude.

I remember being very happy to go back in mountains.

The silence and solitude of Peruvians mountains contrast so much with the noisy and crowded  Peruvian cities. Each transfert and moment spent out of the mountains were for me the most difficult during this trip.


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