Mount Viso, 3841 m, eastern ridge

Mount Viso ( 3841 m ), Queyras, Italy.

Mount Viso is one high peak of the Alps, and it is visible from most of the others highest peak of Alpine range. This feature make a point of view really exceptional. His beautiful sight seeing could be the only one reason to come there, but the ascent of the east ridge is so nice that it is also a good reason to come even from far away. The track is beautiful, various, long and wild. One of the most beautiful ascent I ve done in this kind of difficulty.


It is a rock ascent. The track is logical, the ridge is pure and clear until the top


The starting point is at Quintino Sella Hut ( 2640m), on top of Pô valley in Italie.


Technical difficulty : III to IV, 1200 m vertical drop from hut to top


We need 6 h for the ascent and 3 h more to go down the normal route


atmosphere in the ridge when sunrising

Close to the top, end of summer lights

Sight seeing on the south, the sea in the background?