Montgenèvre Area



Montgenèvre is a ski resort on the Franco-Italian border between the valley of La clarrée and the Susa Valley.


At 1850 meters altitude, the Col de Montgenèvre is a cold and snowy place. The summits are part of the Queyras Massif and benefit from a very particular climate.


The place is not windy, protected from disturbances from the west but subject to returns from east.




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The ski area Montgenèvre is very well organized and maintained, the ski lifts are well placed and give access to beautiful off-piste routes.


It is connected to other Italian domains (San Sicario, Sestriere, Saulz d’Oulx, Calvière and Pagelato).


This huge ski area is called Vialattea




Most of the time I stay on the Montgenèvre sector, Clavière.


My itineraries are organized around 3 main peaks:


  • Summit of Loubatière (or Mont de la Plane 2525 m)


  • The Chenaillet (2650 m)


  • The Janus (2565 m)




Ski à Montgenèvre

Ski à Montgenèvre



These summits, of medium hight altitude, have profiles and ideal forms to practice a great ski .


Their pyramidal morphology offers all orientations and varied terrains.


We can access it, either by walking the skis on the backpack, or by putting the skins under the skis. But the rise time does not exceed 45 min.


We can easily make several descents of the same summit, in the same day without “running”.


An important feature of these mountains is their geographical location:


Located on the Franco-Italian border, part of Piedmont Italian, it enjoys a very special climate.


It is an alpine climate, cold and rather dry in winter subject to returns from east.


This climatic phenomenon brings very important precipitations, in the form of snow in winter, in a few


  • Regularly 60cm to 100cm of snow in 24H
  • An intense episode on November 23, 24 and 25, 2016 with a record of more than 250cm of snow in less than 72 hours


These phenomena are well known to meteorologists, natives and of course local skiers.


Geographically isolated from major French communications routes, these summits are relatively uncrowded, but not forgotten. They have been preserved from the crazy “conquest of the white gold” of the 70s.


The +:

A snow often exceptional

An area sheltered from the north wind

A domain not very quickly traced

The –

An avalanche risk that is sometimes difficult to understand




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