Aconcagua, February 2013

Aconcagua, january and february 2013

Aconcagua ( 6962m ) in Argentina is the highest peak of America. It is higher with more 700 meters than Denali Peak in Alaska.

What is very special in Aconcagua is the extreme weather it can be. Low temperatures and incredibly strong winds can prevent all ascents of the summit during weeks.

The Aconcagua is a very famous and popular peak in south America. Over there are a lot of climbers in all the different base camp. We can find there painters, musicians, lonesome fit “trailers” and as well classical tourists who just bought altitude sleeping bags.

This success is born from false rumors about suspected eases of his ascent. This is the same problem we could get for Mont Blanc in french Alps.

But , as for Mont Blanc, Aconcagua is not easy at all, and deadly accidents happen all years.

As I can remember the idea of climbing Aconcagua is born on the way back from Peru in 2009.

My customer ( who is now a  friend ) had contacted me in autumn 2012 in order to organize this expedition.

We have found the perfect local contact, we have chosen the dates, and after all kind of little things we just had to cross fingers to get a good weather during the short period we will be there.

We have had only 2 weeks to succeed the ascent, our acclimatization has been well done, slowly and seriously.

This soft acclimatization gave us the possibility to go on top of Aconcagua et come back in 10 days. We have used feeling, strategy and lot af luck.

This year 2013, the success rate for summitters was only 12%, and after our ascent, an amazing storm came and staid on Aconcagua for more than 3 weeks.

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