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Aconcagua, February 2013

    Aconcagua, january and february 2013 Aconcagua ( 6962m ) in Argentina is the highest peak of America. It is higher with more 700 meters than Denali Peak in Alaska. What is very special in Aconcagua is the extreme weather it can be. Low temperatures and incredibly strong winds can prevent all ascents of the summit during weeks. The Aconcagua is a very famous and popular peak in south America. Over there are a lot of climbers in all the different base camp. We can find there painters, musicians, lonesome fit "trailers" and as well classical tourists who just bought…

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Perou, september 2009

Trekking in Peru, september and october 2009     In these beginning of autumn 2009, I had the chance to realize a beautiful trekking in Peru, in Cordilliera Vilacanota, south est of Cusco : tour of Ausangate ( 6384 m ). This trip in Peru was on 3 weeks, the Ausangate tour was the most important part of the trip, made of one a touristic side and one alpine side. The Ausangate have taken a large part of the trip. After arrive in Cusco, a short acclimatization period and a Machu Picchu visit, we start the trekking . The higher…

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